The VPN software allows you not only to connect to CESGA in a secure way but also to access internal resources that you can not reach otherwise.

Installing the Forticlient VPN software

Forticlient Configuration

  • Enter the following configuration options
  • Gateway: gateway.cesga.es
    Port: 443
    Username: your email address registered at CESGA
    Password: your password in the supercomputers

VPN Installation in old Linux versions

  • If your Linux distribution is not supported in the official download page use our CESGA Local Repository
  • Follow the next steps:
  • unrar e vpn-fortissl.rar
    tar xvzf forticlientsslvpn_linux_4.4.2323.tar.gz
    cd forticlientsslvpn
    Accept the license agreement presented
    ../forticlientsslvpn_cli \
       --server gateway.cesga.es:443 \
       --vpnuser usuario@dominio.com

Alternative Open Source Linux Client OpenFortiVPN

  • For Linux there is also an alternative open-source client that you can use instead of the official fortivpn client
  • Some Linux distibutions like Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse or Arch Linux provide openfortivpn packages
  • Check the project github page for details openfortivpn
  • It has also a GUI that you can use: openfortigui

For more info check the VPN section of the User Guide